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Another WC Book/PDF Request

About a month ago, I posted a request for ideas about how to create data files from the published records of World Championships that are not currently online.


Following that, Bjarne Knudsen and Florentin Axinte have done some excellent work; they have made LIN files from a PDF of the 1958 World Championship final.


But there is much to be done; there are many early events missing from the online sources.


So, my request is: Does anyone have PDFs of the missing events?

Bermuda Bowls (1961, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1969) and the missing Olympiads (all until 1992) are a priority.


The creation of LIN files from WC books serves some purposes....

- Research into various matters by those who are so inclined

- Analysis to determine the legitimacy of players and pairs

(See )

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