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Another "what should this double be?"

Simple question, but I don't think I've ever seen a discussion.  Let's say an opening bid of 1, a sound and unlimited 2 overcall, and responder cue bids 3 showing a limit raise or better of .  What should advancer's double be?  Some considerations are: 1) if everyone has their bids, advancer won't have a strong hand, and 2) if advancer passes, the auction could well come back at 4.  Discussion of why one or another option is best would be much appreciated.


[Edit: added "lead directing" to choices as suggested]

takeout for red suits
club support, any happy raise to 3
club support with some high card strength
club support, distributional (suggesting a possible save)
club support, nature depends on vulnerability and/or form of scoring
lead directing, OK to lead clubs
lead anti-directing, no help in clubs

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