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Apology by Sabine Auken and Roy Welland

There have been many whispers about pairs in the bridge community over the last few years and some of them were made about Alex and Josef, our teammates in last year's European Championships.

We were aware that there were some suspicions about them, but we felt secure after much evaluation of our overall success, that our results as a team and specifically those from our teammates, were not inconsistent with their abilities as bridge players, and if anything were even a little disappointing.

We don't think it would be fair for us to have to accept direct responsibility, but that doesn't mean that we don't feel badly for anyone that was damaged by our choice of teammates. Our apologies go to any and all opponents that we have faced while teaming with Alex and Josef, and also to the whole bridge community at large.

We understand the difficulties for bridge federations in re-awarding titles, but hope those listed below will consider our request to have the victories achieved by us as a team re-assigned and grant each of those titles to the most worthy team.

In the 2011 German team championships, to our young and talented opponents in the finals, we are sorry. We hope the DBV will replace your silver medal with the gold one awarded to our team and will consider you as the winner of that important national championship.

In the 2014 Spring NABC, Dallas, TX - National Swiss team

To the Fleisher team: (Martin Fleisher, Zia Mahmood, Chris Willenken, Chip Martel, Steve Garner, Michael Rosenberg) who finished with a very big score just behind us, we hope the ACBL will consider re-awarding both the masterpoints and National title to your team and voiding our championship.

2014 German team trials championships:

To all our opponents, because we may have wrongfully taken their spot in the European Championships along with your right to compete for a possible spot in the Bermuda Bowl (Martin Rehder, Helmut Häusler, Max Ellerbeck, Felix Zimmermann, Michael Gromöller, Matthias Felmy, Dr. Claus Günther, Tomasz Gotard, Christian Schlicker, Nedju Buchlex, Sebastian Reim).

We hope you will get many more chances to qualify for the German Open team.

It is not possible for us to apologise to each individual team that we met along the way, who may also have been damaged but convey our sincerest apologies to anyone who might have been damaged.


Sabine Auken and Roy Welland

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