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Appeal 12.071: table, director, AC, or something else

That link takes you to the review of Appeals, 2012, EBU  (English Bridge Union). See pages 71 and 72

Please remember that weighted rulings are allowed (and were allowed in 2012).

For copyright reasons I cannot reproduce the article. In any case people responding to this poll will find it easier to read the article in its entirety (pg 71, 72) and appreciate the context of the article within the publication.

I'd like to add this viewpoint to the pot, and ask for your comments (in poll below, "reason z")

South's THIRD call was Pass. If South was going to bid 4, then South can do that at his third turn.

So, he cannot later claim that "I would have bid 4 over 4 anyway, regardless of my partner's action over 4"

Table result (4 by south, 10 tricks)
TD ruling (weighted ruling, 3 contracts, wts along those lines)
AC Ruling (weighted ruling. 2 contracts, wts along those lines)
Do not award any percentage of 4 call by South (reason Z specifically)
Something else

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