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Appeal from Kansas City


A75/QJ762/J73/J3                                         94 /A84/A2/AKQ974



In the Kansas City Sunday daily bulletin on page five there was an appeal case. East started the following auction 1club (forcing) - (1diamond) - 2diamonds. 2diamonds was a transfer to  hearts and wasn't alerted and which should have been. East-West ended up in 3NT making five and got the best possible result. No consideration was made about what would have happened if 2diamonds was alerted. Now North knows that West has hearts and he wouldn't bid them. Suppose North raises to 3diamonds. East knows that they have at least an eight-card heart fit. East bidding 3hearts is not a zero-percent bid.They would very likely get to 4hearts which goes down at least one. 4hearts down two with a spade lead would be a possible result. When you fail to alert a bid, you're not supposed to get the best possible result. The non-offenng side is supposed to get the best possible reasonable result

I'm glad the directors are doing appeals.

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