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Are support doubles alertable (ACBL)?

I notice the ACBL convention card has support doubles marked in red, meaning they are alertable. However, I can't find any corroboration in the ACBL Alert Procedures or Alert Chart. The Alert Chart says for "No Alert": most doubles and redoubles *see alertable doubles (see Alert Pamphlet)*; for "Alert": doubles, redoubles, and passes with highly unusual or unexpected meanings. I would guess a significant majority of ACBL tournament players use support doubles -- that would suggest they would not be highly unusual or unexpected, and therefore not alertable. The Alert Procedures gives an example of a support redouble, citing that it is alertable -- is this supposed to imply that a support double is similarly alertable? Is it enough of an issue that even if you think it is alertable, you would be reluctant to give redress if it weren't alerted?


As a side issue, what exactly is the "Alert Pamphlet" and where can it be found?

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