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Aren't you sick of reading about bad director rulings

On BW, on many days there are articles inviting players to criticise directors. I join in because some rulings are a pile of brown, smelly by-products. However, there is another side to the coin. We need directors. So let’s celebrate the good ones instead of just slinging off at those who might make a mistake. Speaking for myself. I wouldn’t want to play duplicate without one. So I’m going to challenge all BW members – convince me that you have a better club director than I do. Here’s the bar height you have to jump over:

My director (MD) is a professional at the biggest club in the country. The club runs about 9 sessions a week, probably 10 internal tournaments a year, 15 or 20 external tournaments a year and hosts, additionally, many major national events. I play on what is considered the most competitive session of the week. Probably more than half of the field are LM+. We have played 40+ sessions this year. MD has simple rules:

We NEVER play one board a tableIf there is a phantom, we play 2 board rounds, no phantom – 3 board rounds

God forbid, we will NEVER, EVER deal at the table.


Typically MD will arrive with 3 sets of pre-dealt boards.We will play at least 26 boards in a session (beginning at 7.30 pm and ending not much later than 10.35). Whenever possible we will play 28.

We play with Bridgepads and bidding boxes


Not once finished later than 10.40

No appeals – no, not oneI


played 38 of 40 sessions and heard one raised voice directed at MD – quietend after one sentence.

If a ruling is called for, MD explains it carefully in terms of the law and goes to significant lengths to ensure that both the pairs understand the Law behind his ruling, particularly the lesser experienced pair (if such there is)

.Early in January each year, the club runs a 3 night tournament – which is signficant in terms of NZ masterpoints. Anyone can play 1, 2 or 3 nights – no prior sign-up – just walk-in. After 2 nights, a finals field is separated who will play for the big bikkies,  A few years back, an American cruise ship docked in Auckland on the third day and asked if some bridge players could play that night (bridge players being what they are!) No problem said MD who had no idea

1) How many locals would turn up

2) How many cruisers were coming

We started play DISASTROUSLY late at 7.35 instead of 7.30 and the cruise director later said that in the US, he would expect 4 or 5 directors to handle this many tables

OK, that’s my standard. Beat it.

If you can’t then remind yourself that we NEED directors, so we NEED to acknowledge quality directors. If you can beat my standard then tell me how and I will pass your improvement onto MD and I GUARANTEE he will raise the bar higher.

In conclusion: to all directors, everywhere-

“You’re doing a thankless job which, nonetheless, is essential. Any rational human being realises that you are doing your best. From me, at least, in whatever country you ply your trade -

Have a wonderful last few days of the year and THANK YOU

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