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Articles on Codebreakers, and Stern/Chamberlain/Lengyel
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Two part article here

Codebreakers (1) pages 37 to 39

Codebreakers (2) pages 9 to 13

I appreciate the help I got from BW members and ACBL archives.


The life stories of Dr Paul Stern, Louisa Chamberlain, and George Lengyel (Austria, England, and Hungary, respectively)

Part 1 (pages 9 to 12)

I have had a huge amount of help from people in writing these articles. In particular, grandchildren of the Stern. Chamberlain and Lengyel families. Players from Hungary have carried out research that'll be evident in parts 2 and 3. 

There are 3 more parts to come, links will be posted.

The publisher of the magazine, MrBridge, is very keen on bridge heritage and it is good to have the opportunity to write feature articles with photos in his magazine.

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