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Asking a question for partner's benefit

Law 20G1 "It is improper to ask a question solely for partner's benefit"

Can anyone explain why this should be the case? If you are playing with a less experienced partner and know from past experience that they are not going to understand some nuance of the opponent's auction, why shouldn't you be able to ask? I know you shouldn't as per the law but why not? I don't think it's about transmitting UI - you simply want partner to be aware of the nuances - the opponent's auction is surely AI and how does clarifying the nuances turn it into UI? An actual example: we have a pretty free and easy system regulation in NZ (though with restrictions on HUMS) and one opposing pair in our interclub competition played a unique home-made system. Law 20G1 occurred to me and I asked a National Director whether it was permissible for us to announce before the start of play that we would question all alerted opening bids (and essentially all their opening bids were alertable.) The purpose of this would have been to ensure that partner and I were on the same page with our defensive mechanisms. The ND, whose opinion I respect totally, expressed the view that this would be contrary to 20G!. Is that reasonable?

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