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Assess the blame

TM, R/R, 20 Points victory scale


Dealer : AJxxx AKxxx Kx x

Responder : K10xxx 109xx AJx x


The bidding was 1 (pass) 3NT* (5) 5 (6) 6 (X)


were 2-1 and opening leader had QJxx. A good defence sets 6 by 2. Preemptor is 1=0=5=7

* : 3NT is systemic (normally exactly two high cards, there could be one or two quack(s) lurking around, 5 or more, an undisclosed shortness) ; i confirm the system was applied here.


How would you assess the blame ?


[Edit about the system]

No blame
Dealer 100%
Dealer : 66% to 99%
both players could be blamed at some point
Responder : 66% to 99%
Responder 100%

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