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I was asked about which bid(s) were wrong in a disaster. I have some ideas but would like to check for sanity.

IMP, NS vul, South deals and opens 1.

West, holding x, Qxxx, Qx, KJ9xxx, overcalls 2.

Bidding continues: (1) 2 (2) P; (4) P (P) X; afterwards opponents XX and made an overtrick.

East (the doubler of 4) holds: Qxx, JTxx, KTxx, Qx

100% West
100% East
50% on both West and East
Mostly West, but East also shares some fault
Mostly East, but West also shares some fault
No one did anything outrageous, it was bad luck
No one did anything outrageous, but EW were not on same wavelength
Others (please specify)

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