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Audio commentary for Euro 2016

During the European Bridge Team Championships in Budapest, Hungary, kibitzers on the Internet get an excellent opportunity to follow their star players closely. The European Bridge League has selected seven expert commentators from all over the world, who on BBO, with audio commentary in English, will cover the featured match in each of the 37 rounds. The broadcasts begin Thursday, 16 June at 10:00 Central European Time. Two, three or four commentators will be in the box to guide the spectators.

The commentary will not only be enjoyable, but hopefully also educational. Listeners are encouraged to ask questions to the commentators.

The seven commentators are: David Bird (BroLucius), England, Larry Cohen (LC), USA, Mark Horton (Chessmaste), England, Bill Jacobs (bjacobs), Australia, Peter Lund (pelu), Denmark, Graham Osborne (mayors), England, and Roland Wald (Walddk2), Denmark.

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