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Baby steps for the ACBL on the convention chart

It was with some surprise that I read the article in the latest Bulletin about using transfer's after the opponents overcall. The ACBL seems to have finally started taking baby steps towards opening up the game to a broader range of conventions. Last year we got 2D as either major (albeit only after a 1N opening), and I believe transfer responses after 1C (and in general), but I think that having an article (or articles) about these in the bulletin will make the membership more open to it in the future.

I do quibble about having the first article be transfer's after an opposing overcall instead of (say) transfer advances (which strike me as an easier sell, since you are just re-arranging bids), but that's a minor point.

After years of complaining about this, it seems to me that I should take the effort to applaud forward motion when it occurs.

(I don't know what the standards are for getting an article into the bulletin, so it may just be that the authors wrote it and there was space, but any publicity is good publicity, I say. Perhaps people like myself should consider writing articles for it, but I have no idea what the process is).

Anyway, is this an actual trend in the ACBL, or am I just engaging in wishful thinking?

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