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Bakersfield club game

Recently at a Bakersfield club game as South in 2nd seat I opened 1NT (15-17)  West bid 2H. partner asked East who said 2H was DONT showing hearts and spades. Partner bid 3C, East passed and I passed. West bid 3H which was passed out.  East's dummy was QJx, xx, xxx, T9xxx.  We had missed a spade game and misdefended because we both thought--for a while--that West  had spades.  We called the director. West said she forgot and East said he didn't correct with longer spades because she rebid hearts!  E/W is an occasional partnership.  Director left the table and came back to say she'd called the ACBL and was told we had no redress because we were entitled to an explanation of the agreements, not West's hand.  I don't know if she told ACBL that E/W had no convention card where we could tell if E/W had agreed on DONT  or that East had not taken a preference with QJX compared to xx. Declarer made 3.  We got a 0. I would appreciate comments. Is this the best we can expect in a club game?  I don't think at a tournament that E/W would prevail with no convention card and apparent fielding by E.  Even a procedural penalty would have brought some satisfaction.

director is right
there should be a score adjustment
no score adjustment but a procedural penalty for no convention card
adjustment and procedural penalty were both appropriate

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