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Balicki: Open Your Eyes!
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Just because he is your friend doesn't mean he does not lie or… On September 27 2015 on Bridge Winners Jola "Jols" Bronstein writes: “If you've ever seen Cezary in action, he touches his head, he pouts, he just about has steam coming out of his ears, especially, during declarer play after the lead is made. He does something similar when he's on lead when defending. Believe it or not, he does the same thing at my dinner table. Does that mean he cheats? He's the ultimate gamesman who never walks away from a game, any game. Men like that don't cheat – sorry, they just don't. The challenge is what they live for, to exercise their mental prowess. “It will take a lot of irrefutable evidence to make me change my mind.”

Is this a form of exercising his mental prowess?In 1999 Barnet Shenkin was given this hand personally by Cezary Balicki. He published it is his book “Playing With the Bridge Legends” 
Masterpoint Press 2000 pg 152. However Cezary says he remembered it from a Polish tournament. 2010 there was a featured article on Bridge winners by Gavin Wolpert titled “Checkmate” Gavin writes:“There is one person in the world whom I believe could challenge the rest at a mind game biathlon and find no one willing to accept. Cezary Balicki of Poland.
Standing outside the hotel in Philadelphia with Cezary and Pierre Zimmermann, Pierre said to Cezary, "you must tell him about the hand you played last month, it is spectacular" 
He wrote the board on a piece of paper and told the story. I photographed the paper and I now present you the hand as I recall it.

Under that post Barnet Shenkin then posted this comment:I found it was very similar to the one he gave me in 1999 and published in my book “Playing With the Bridge Legends” Masterpoint Press 2000 page 152. The well described and analyzed hand led me to publish my version of the hand and the link to the deal is: for those who would like to check out the similarity. The bidding and exact layout is slightly different but the cardplay theme is the same. I was given the hand directly by Cezary 11 years ago and had no reason to doubt the authenticity.

This brings us to the final “coincidence” Both of these deals are almost identical to one written up in Adventures in Card Play, by Hugh Kelsey and Geza Ottlik. 
On page 256 of the 1973book, is the following hand:

This is almost exactly the same hand as Cezary played twice, in 1999 and 2010, 

I wonder if Cezary played it quicker in 2010?

Which mind game biathlon do you think Cezary Balicki is most qualified for?

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