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Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!

The European Bridge League Disciplinary Committee did not find sufficient evidence or correlation that unusual placement of bidding cards, determined to be a a violation, demonstrated hand strength.  This was formally decided on 10 February 2017.



Therefore, there are no EBL sanctions, and BZ may play unfettered in the EBL.  Their names do not show on the ACBL's "CURRENTLY UNDER DISCIPLINE AS OF February 1, 2017" List.



Summarized Conclusions: "The Commission notes that the placement of many of the calls was unusual, which necessarily raises questions as to the reasons for such departures from the Regulations.  The Commission considers however that, in the case at hand, this should not be considered as a “serious infringement of the EBL Statutes or Regulations” (art. 3 para. 1 of the EBL Code of Discipline), and that therefore the Players should not be disciplinary sanctioned on that basis . . . .

In view of the above, the Commission considers that the EBL has failed to demonstrate, to its comfortable satisfaction, that any correlation existed between the call placements and the strength of the Players’s hands during the Competition, and, therefore, that the Players did not infringe Article 3 of the EBL Disciplinary Code and Law 73 of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.

The Commission therefore confirms the Players cannot be sanctioned."



It will be quite interesting to see who might hire these two as a pair; it is a very firm Regulation that one cannot refuse to play against an opponent in a sanctioned event, or one is subject to severe sanctions of their own.



NOTE:  There appears to be no rule or regulation against "adjusting" an opponent's bidding cards when passing the tray under a screen.  This could be accomplished if BZ were sitting E-W, as N-S would be doing the passing.  Will BZ insist on sitting N-S and negating this apparent option?  (This tactic was apparently used by PS when playing other suspicious pairs!).


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