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BBJ: Grumpy defence to P-2, F-2, J-2

We have often struggled against a Precision 2 opening especially the popular UK variant which shows either 6 clubs OR 5 clubs + 4 spades. 'Winging it' has been unsuccessful so I decided to construct a proper defence. Since (knowing me) this is likely to be slightly complex then it would be useful if could also be deployed against similar 2 openings such as Fantunes (10-13 hcp, unbalanced, 5+ clubs) or Jorj (10-14 hcp, 6+ clubs, no other 4 card suit).

Since our biggest problem appears to be with opener's possible spade holding then it would make sense for the defence to be spade-centric, so:

2=D+S,  2=H+S, 2=weak 2 in spades

Intermediate jump overcalls 3// would seem to work well.

2NT as strong balanced with clubs stopped and 3 as strong balanced without a club stop pick themselves? But what strength?

That leaves double to handle red 2-suiters, stronger single-suiters and stronger balanced hands.

Responding to 2-X

2: if you have D or D+H then happy to play here

2: if you have H or D+H then happy to play here

2 don't like H or D but have a good 5+ spade suit

2NT tell me more.

There is obviously a big hole where the doubler has long diamonds and responder doesn't like them.   There is also a problem if doubler has long diamonds and responder has long hearts. This means that with a diamond single-suiter you will need a self-supporting suit as you may have to rebid 3 opposite a known shortage. With weaker suits either pass, bid 3 or treat as strong balanced (if suitable).


N:B: this is theory only, no real-life use (yet)

All constructive criticism or alternative suggestions gratefully received. Trolls will be rebuffed!

a Rolls-Royce solution but I can't afford the down payments (i.e. it's too complicated)
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