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Bermuda Bowl FAQs

Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the Knockout Phase, compiled by our staff. We hope this helps more casual observers enjoy watching the World Championships on BBO Vugraph.

  • Match times, set to your local time zone, are always available at the URL
  • For the first segment, and presumably for subsequent segments, the carryover is already factored into the running score on the bottom left. Carryovers are computed by looking at the result of the 16-board match in the round-robin phase. Say team A was higher in the victory-point standings over team B. Then if team A won the match vs. team B by N IMPs, they start with a carryover of N/2 IMPs, up to a maximum of 16. If team A lost the round-robin match vs. team B, then team B starts with a carryover of N/3 IMPs, up to a maximum of 16.
  • The teams draft their knockout opponents based on seeding. In the Bermuda Bowl,USA-1 was the #1 seed, and not only had first choice of the #5-8 teams as quarterfinal opponent, but also got to pick the bracket -- they chose to face the winner ofMONACO - ENGLAND. (Exception: if two teams from the same country make the semi-finals, they must play each other.)
  • The losing teams of the round-robin have the option of playing in the Transnational Open Teams, a large Swiss-style event that allows players from different nations to play together. Similarly, the losing teams of the quarterfinals also have the option of "dropping in" to the Transnational Open Teams with an average VP score for the rounds they missed.
  • If the team has more than 4 players, all players must play at least one-third of the total boards in the knockout phase, plus one-third of the final, to be eligible for the world championship.
  • If a knockout match ends in a tie, there will be an 8-board playoff, followed by sudden-death 1-board playoffs. (However, with a fractional carryover, a tie becomes impossible.)
  • An excellent way to improve one's bridge is to use the KIBITZ ability of the BBO client to view just one hand. This allows you to "play along" with a world-class player and see the bids and cards played as he or she would. When you and the world-class player disagree, think about why that player chose a different action. (When that player is dummy, you will get to see his partner's hand.) To activate KIBITZ ability, click on the teal Options button near the top center of your screen, then on More options..., then onAdvanced Options, then select the hand you wish to view from theKibitzingdropdown. It is also recommend to resize the chat commentary window to nothing so that you won't be spoiled by the commentary.
  • You can watch two tables at once by using the "Look around our site" button in the login menu to log in without an account.
  • TheOther Table button in the bottom left allows you to easily move to the other table in the match. Unfortunately, this turns off Kibitzing mode.
  • If you missed a match, you can visit the Vugraph Archiveto get the hands along with the text commentary that you missed.

Also, feel free to use this thread as a means to comment on topics relevant to the knockout phase of the World Championships.

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