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Best Commentator Quips?

Watching the first installment of the Camrose on BBO at the weekend, some of the commentators were in fine form. Here are a few gems:

David Burn observing NS going a bit overboard : "2♣ sound heart raise - slightly scruffy, mind. 2♦ a hedge against scruffiness, or maybe not - everyone seems to think someone else has something --  which when no one has anything is generally a poor idea."

David Burn commenting on a potentially tricky 4H contract:: "complicated, this - no idea if it will make or not"

Al Hollander: "but you are sure those are the only options?"


Liz McGowan. "Looks like South did too much in the other room. Or maybe not enough"

Liz McGowan. "******* keep doubling contracts that are going off, but cannot apparently make penalty doubles...."        


Care to share your favourite commentator remarks?

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