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Best methods after our weak (12-14) 1NT is doubled?

I play weak (12-14) 1NT openings with one partner only as this is his preferred range.However, he insists on a structure after our 1NT is doubled which I suspect is sub-optimal but lack the experience to be confident of my opinion. His structure after 1NT-(DBL):  

    1. 2 level suit bids are "DONT" style, i.e. bid suit plus a higher suit (could be only 4-4)

    2. direct XX shows a "good" (some values) single suited hand.  Opener rebids 2C and responder shows his suit.

    3. PASS by responder *forces opener to redouble*.  Over the forced redouble, responder passes with values enough to hope to make, else removes to a suit to show a *weak* one suiter.

I'm OK with the immediate DONT 2 of a suit bids, but have the following concerns:   

    1. Impossible to simply play in 1NTX.  It seems to me that this would be a common hand type for responder.       He has a few points, little shape, and guesses that 1NTX may be our best spot whether it makes or not.       Yet, he doesn't want to play 1NXX where the penalty might be unnecessarily large.        My preference would be for PASS (by responder) to show or suggest this hand type.  Opener is free to pass out 1NX or to remove into *5*+ card minor.

   2. I don't see sufficient benefit in using redouble to distinguish good one suiter (values enough to expect to make 2X contract) from      hopeless 1 suiter.  Doesn't making this distinction mainly help the opponents?  

I would appreciate opinions and suggestions from any of you with experience play weak NT openers as to best structure after that opening is doubled. 

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