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Better methods after intervention over strong club

Playing a simple strong club (16+ unbal, 17-19 or 23+bal), we currently play:

- over X or 1, pass/X/XX show various negatives; if X = majors then 1 and 1 are GF cuebids;  otherwise all systems are unchanged  

- over 1 through 2, if 1NT = minors then 2 and 2 are GF cuebids;  Q of real suit = GF; otherwise suit = 5-8 natural; double = 5-8 balanced or any GF; 1NT = natural. Transfer positives and asking bids are off

- over 2NT and above, X shows values and suits are natural, GF

Around here, we mostly face Mathe, occasionally CRASH or Suction; no Wonder Bids or psyches.

These methods are not ideal but are easy enough to remember. Looking for improvements:

This structure is OK but could be improved by (please add suggestions)
This structure is beyond repair (please supply alternatives)
Other (in case someone has a constructive suggestion not covered above)

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