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Bidding Box Jury: Grumpy 2 bids

(Apologies to ACBL members; probably not allowed in your jurisdiction)

I like to get my money's worth from my 2-level opener's so play a multi-2C and a multi-2D to increase the frequency of the bids and the types of hands I can show. Before I invented these bids I used to play 2C as GF and 3 weak 2s.

I obviously still want to be able to show the same weak and strong options but also wanted to incorporate an Ekren-style 2H bid:

Our 2S opening is a normal weak 2 in spades!

Our Grumpy-2NT opening bid is a multi weak pre-empt however it is WBF brown sticker (but legal in EBU L4).


The Grumpy-2C opening shows one of:

a) 8-12 hcp and 6+ diamonds, can have a 4 card major (used to be weak but we found intermediate works best for us)

b) balanced 23-24

c) GF single-suiter in Hearts

d) Very strong 2-suiter including Hearts (at least 5-5)

There is nothing unusual (in the UK anyway) about playing 2C/D as a transfer weak 2 plus strong options bid; but I believe that my method of incorporating very strong 2-suited hands is unique (by using an anchor suit). Very strong (say 3 loser) hands can be tricky and its usually best to open them at the 1-level to avoid running out of bidding room; but it can be hard to distinguish between strong and virtually GF hands.

Full details:


The Grumpy-2D opening shows one of:

a) weak 2 in hearts

b) balanced 20-22

c) GF single-suiter in Spades

d) Very strong 2-suiter including Spades (at least 5-5, unless 6 spades and 4 hearts)

Note that with H+S we open 2C unless we have 2 more spades than hearts. Our first rebid will clarify the hand type and identify any second suit; at no higher level than a jump rebid after a 1H/S opening would be.

Full details:






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