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Bidding match-making - possible bridgewinners features

From time to time I return to bridgewinners and do some polls. I think it's one of the best tools in the world to learn competitive bidding. I follow some pros that usually answer bidding polls and I don't necessarily look at the percentages of the vote but at how those pros vote as I consider this to be more relevant.

Those bidding polls have gathered a huge amount of good quality data so far, data that can be put to use for the community. Some of the nicest features that I think of could be:

  • find the perfect match. Find the Bridgewinners member who has the closest votes to yours. This could be helpful to find online or live bridge partner with a similar approach to the game. 
  • find matching with X. See how your bidding matches with another member. Check the boards where you had the same answer and where your answers were different. This could be used to better understand your partnership agreements (both partners to a large set of polls and afterwards compare the results) but also for intermediate players to compare with more advanced players and try to understand where the decisions are different.

Does the community think this could be useful? Do the owners need help implementing this?

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