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Bidding problem What is your guess?

Vulnerable at IMPs holding AQ2 A3 AK98432 8 I opened 1 my partner responded 1 and I was stuck for a call.

I prefer not to splinter or raise to 3 or 4 with only 3 trumps so I invented a dangerous reverse: 2. My partner then bid 4! Well I knew that 2 was a dangerous bid. Now what?


For the record I realized my partner must have at least 5 if he has 4 but since we play kickback I could not bid 4 because that would ask for key cards. Even if you are not playing kickback would you bid 4? I finally just bid 6 thinking as little as Kxxxx  xxxx  Qx  xx would be enough for 6. That was not a success; partner held  Jxxxx  KQxx  xxx and there was carnage.

What would you have bid over 1?If you can stomach the 2 bid what would you have bid over 4?

2H then 4S over 4H
2H then 5S over 4H
2H then 6S over 4H

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