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Bidding question related to UI

I have what seems to me an interesting bidding question.  You hold:






You are vul and dealer.  The auction has gone P-P-1-x-2*-P-4-5-?


Your 2 call was alerted as a 3 Card limit raise.  You have agreed to play the same card you play with someone else, but despite going over the card, partner didn't realize that you changed this agreement with the other partner a while back to show any 4 card raise and 5-12.


But this is really just a bidding poll with explanations, I offer this:

Pass - the UI you have is irrelevant
Pass - UI prompts this as a call
Double - The UI that you have is irrelevant
Double - UI prompts this as a call
5 Spades - The UI that you have is irrelevant
5 Spades - UI prompts this call
There is NO UI
Other - as always

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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