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Board of Governors Election - Vice Chairman

Each of the 25 Districts have 5 votes for the upcoming BOG Election in Orlando. The 1st Alternate, 2nd Alternate, and 3 at large members are allowed to vote for the candidates. If any of these positions are vacant the District Director can assign a proxy for the vacant / no show electors. Also allowed to vote are past Presidents and past BOG Chairmen. The meeting is the first Sunday of the tournament.


I am running for Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors. Yesterday I sent this message to the mailing list provided to me by ACBL of eligible electors.

I have two motions I will be making in Orlando. I will put them in a separate post for discussion. If you think I am the right person for the job please make sure your District has 5 eligible electors including proxies for absent eligible electors.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have


My name is Linda Trent and I was nominated to be the next Vice Chairman of the ACBL Board of Governors at the Washington NABC. I have been a member of the Board of Governors for approximately 15 years. I am from District 22 (Southern California) and belong to Unit 513 (Anaheim, CA)

I am not an expert bridge player. I am barely eligible to play in Senior Events. My running to represent you is about volunteering to do everything I can to help the ACBL become a better organization.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Development. I have volunteered at every level of the organization.

I have a keen interest in fixing parts of the organization that are broken. I have made several motions to the Board of Governors when I saw something that I believed needed fixing. For example, at every NABC you are notified in the Daily Bulletin that you had to have two identical Convention Cards available for the opponents. I like that! But there is a problem. We need to figure out how to monitor the regulation. We need to agree on a consequence for not complying (using the Yellow Card but for how long?). It's not quite ready to go into the "Fixed Book" yet.

I proposed putting vulnerability inserts into our boards. That got unanimous approval of the BOG but only one member of the Board of Directors voted for it. I want to know how and why that happened.

I have a couple more for our November meeting.

I am willing to chase all the tails to get more things into our Fixed Book.

Please vote for me to be the next Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors !!

Best Regards

Linda Trent

All the stuff I've done

I have not missed more than 2 NABC's in the last dozen years or so.

Unit official for many years. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

ACBL Goodwill Member

Gave up bridge for ten years to co-edit with Rich Colker the NABC Appeals Casebook. About 1,000 uncompensated hours per year.


Certified Director - I think my Law and regulation expertise has come from being a BOG oversight member on the Competition and Conventions Committee.

Have been a bridge teacher for many years. I happen to like Audrey Grant's materials (I have known her since the early 80's  before The Joy of Bridge was published) and Richard Pavlicek's materials.

Sorry but I can't resist putting this in my resume. In 2000 I was privileged to assist Bob Hamman as he coached our Women's Team to a Gold Medal in Maastricht, Netherlands. (I was also there to work with the World Bridge Appeals Committee assisting with write-ups) He wanted to pay me and I told him the only pay I would accept was what I gave and that was time. He agreed and I got to play bridge with Bob Hamman 15 years ago. And he apologized to me on the second board for a mistake he made. Yikes!!


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