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Board of Governors motions

This is a separate post to distance it from the lengthy diatribes on a similar subject in BW.  I just want to inform readers how motions passed by the Board of Governors proceed forward.

All BoG motions that pass are presented to the Board of Directors at the next NABC.  This is the first opportunity to do so since the BoD has concluded its business typically by the first day of the NABC, while the BoG meets on the first Sunday, 3 days into the NABC.  BoG motions are presented to the BoD by the chair of the BoG, who has a seat but not a vote on the BoD.  He has the prerogative to explain the intent of the motion (in his own view), and make clarifications and modifications to the motion that he considers friendly amendments.  The BoD can always amend the motion, friendly or otherwise, before voting on it. Any BoD amendments that are not considered friendly by the BoG chair are voted on as any normal amendment would be.  

So modifications that were made to the BoG motion on spectators regulations can be modified after the BoG vote of approval.  The modifications can be accepted by the BoG chair as friendly amendments before presenting them to the BoD.   

In my personal view however, I would be surprised if the BoD would approve this motion in its current form or in any slightly modified form as discussed here on BW.  There are a just too many legal questions and controversial details involved to expect a clear, un-amended passage   



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