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Bob Rosen RIP

I learned about Bob Rosen's passing when Eugene posted it. I was truly sad to hear that. Bob was a really amazing guy who always stood up for what was right without regard to the personal consequences. I don't know the details well but he was fired as the ACBL recorder essentially because he refused to be coerced into doing something mildly corrupt for the ACBL president at the time. I'm sure someone out there can give better details.

He was commonly the coach of the US junior teams. In yesterday's well in the last post, Justin told a story where Bob really impacted me. It was from the world junior team championships in Thailand in 2006. The Butler ranking came out and Jason and I weren't on it. I calculated we would have been second or third or something. I found out we were one session short of qualifying (only played 1/3 of the boards). I knew it didn't really mean anything since we had mostly played the weaker teams anyway, but it was the only time I was on the junior team so I wanted to see my name in lights, and it was a silly rule since we played enough boards to earn a medal. When Bob overheard me he didn't even blink. He said Jdonn just give the word and I will go to war for you and raise hell until this is righted. I turned down the offer but he definitely meant it.

He also coached me in the world university championships in 2002. Included on that team were BW notables Jason, Eugene, and Leo. That was when I first saw how much Bob stood behind his team, even though we didn't perform well (9th out of 13 I think). After one session Leo was telling about one hand where we had lost a swing. Leo had taken an action that was clearly bad in theory but he thought it would fool that particular opponent, but it didn't work. Not knowing much at the time about being a good teammate, my initial reaction was annoyance. But almost as soon as it hit, Bob (perhaps sensing it) leaned over to me and said something like "Don't you love this guy? He is really sticking it to them!" His team was everything to him, and he always stood by them. He taught me how to be a better teammate.

He was as much a part of his teams as the players were, and I don't think you could find a single one of his players to say otherwise. He will truly be missed.

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