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BOD Restructure Vote

At the request of the Board of Governors, a task force chaired by David Lodge has submitted a plan for a reduction in the size of the ACBL Board of Directors. Attached is the plan, a map and answers to some of your questions.

The BOD will be voting on this proposal in San Francisco.

I am aware that there is another posting about this with the usual negative comments. I urge all members to give this proposal serious consideration and contact your BOD representative to provide (hopefully positive) feedback.

Before we go down the rabbit hole of picking this apart please consider that many people have tried over the last 20 years to build a better mousetrap, myself included. All efforts have failed. Largely due to the resistance on the part of BOD members to vote themselves out of office.

Nothing will change unless we do something to get the board reduced to a reasonable size. 25 BOD members is an unworkable number and results in endless meetings over three NABCs.

To those who say this isn't perfect, I agree. However let's keep our eyes on the prize. It will eventually reduce the size of the board. Perhaps not as quickly as we would like but it will happen. If this vote fails we can forget reducing the size of the BOD. 

To those who object to the ability for a BOD member to extend their term possibly temporarily swelling the numbers. I can understand the objection but keep in mind that 4-5 BOD members choose to retire annually.

This isn't perfect but it's way better than the status quo. At the end of the tunnel the expected savings is $100K to $150K annually. 


Here is the proposal:

FAQ and Map:

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