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Boris Karloff and Geza Ottlik

Most of us are old enough to remember movies including "Frankenstein" and its sequels and the “Thriller” TV series (1960-1962), a delight for 12 year old horror film buffs, starring William Henry Pratt, aka Boris Karloff (1887-1969).   As his only child, Sara Karloff turned 80 recently (DOB=11/23/1938) I thought it would be fun for us bridge players to compare an early photo to that of Geza Ottlik, a noted Hungarian novelist, honored with his own Hungarian postage stamp (as Ottlik Geza).  If you don’t Know who Geza Ottlik (1912-1990) was by now, read some more Bridgewinners articles or get a copy of “Adventures in Cardplay”, co-authored with Hugh Kelsey.   Geza is on the left, Boris on the right, both shots probably taken in the 1930s.   (I would have posted this on Sara's birthday, but I needed my computer wizard children to help post the photos.)  Both photos were taken from public Internet.


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