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You take your cards out of the slot and before anyone else has bid (or even finished sorting) you consider:


If you think I should add a category or two I will so long as I have edit rights.

Please select up to 8 choices.

How many HCPs do I have?
How many losers (or equivalent shape evaluation method) do I probably have?
If the OPPs open a pre-empt at the 2, 3, 4 or higher level (partner not having had a turn so far) what is my action?
If it goes (1NT) P (3NT) to me, what is my action?
If it goes (1a) P (1b) P (1NT) P (3NT) to me (with or without two more PASSes inserted) what is my action?
If partner preempts and the OPPs compete further, what is my action?
What is my opening bid? (If PASSed to you)
What is my first rebid?
Is my hand balanced or unbalanced?
Am I exploring our own game?
Should I be obstructing the OPPs?

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