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Boye oh Boye!

In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen Boye Brogeland's earth shaking prophecy of things to come, I will recap:


"Very soon there will come out mind boggling stuff that would even make a Hollywood movie surreal."


He told us he was speaking in particular about the Spingold.  Since he publicshed his prophecy in the thread entitled "The Whole Story," he has promised us "The Whole Spingold Story."


Now, that's a mouthful, and portends something we can't in our wildest dreams imagine.


He went further to say:


"The Scandal in Buenos Aires (Reese-Schapiro) is peanuts compared to what's coming out."


Like, WOW.  Making Reese-Schapiro look like peanuts? Who wouldn't be intrigued? 


Then he said he'd sent his information to many bridge players and journalists around the world, so the story would never die.  A very smart thing to do.


He mentions he hopes the various ruling bridge bodies will address this matter prior to the Chennai World Championships.


That's a month away, and just since his announcement seems an eternity already.


 The buildup sure makes it seem like something a lot bigger than just one pair being brought down, but something even more all encompassing.


I for one admire Boye for being willing to do  something about what so many others have only whispered about over years but not had the cojones to DO anything about.   It takes courage to take the bull by the horns and act.


Let's all stand behind Boye in his quest to clean up our game.  Bravo, Boye.


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