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Bracketed Single Session Swiss

Question for readers who play in ACBL Regionals and Sectionals - 

Have you ever encountered a Single Session Bracketed Swiss?

Setting aside the "Swiss" misnomer, I've only ever seen Bracketed Round Robin team events be all day (8 teams, 7 matches).  

However, an upcoming local sectional has several Single Session Bracketed Swisses listed (limited to 4 player teams).  At first I was sure this must be an error, but now I've been referred to some info that makes it seem like they mean it.  I guess they plan to either have 4 team brackets, and play only 3 matches, or maybe 6 team brackets with 5 matches??

Anyway, if anyone has seen this before, I'd appreciate hearing about when and where, and also how it works (if you know).  Thanks.

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