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Bridge and the Environment

This is a potentially emotive subject to discuss because there are a number of counterbalancing issues. Ultimately however, flying several hundred or thousand people across continents and around the world to major championships like Worlds, Zonals and NABCs has an environmental cost. Should the game of Bridge and those who develop and promote it be more considerate of these issues?

Could elements of the championships be scaled down or remodelled to minimise the environmental impact – do we need all the transnationals or side events, is this the only way the championships are financially viable, could the fields be smaller, are there other elements that could be cut out?

Can the internet be used more to mitigate some of these elements, such as multiple zonal venues requiring less overall travel? How would doing these things reduce the ability of the parental organisations to develop and grow the game – or is this something that is best handled at a national or local level? How would it affect junior bridge? How would it affect professionals and do they feel like they can or should make a contribution?

Should this even be something that we care about, after all Bridge is small fry compared to a World Cup Football or an Olympic Games where hundreds of thousands of spectators may be travelling. Or should we be doing our own bit, however small?

Your thoughts please, I'm genuinely interested in opinions.

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