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Hello everyone. I’m attempting to update the bridge software pages on Great Bridge Links. My categories are Apps (iTunes, android), Play Online, and Software (must be downloaded and installed). Of course, there’s lots of crossover but as most of our visitors are newbies, I thought I’d create three different pages to make things easy to find. There are lots of sub categories as well.

Listings on Great Bridge Links are free so I thought I’d put it out to you - if you have an app (play, learning, tools etc) or bit of software and it’s not listed, or if it’s listed incorrectly, or if there’s been an update, please let me know. Or if you have a favourite app or website or game software, please let me know and I’ll make sure it’s on the list. Or links to review articles would be awesome as well.

Bridge Apps -

Play online -

Bridge Software -

Thanks for your help. This is a big job!:)

Jude Goodwin

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