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Bridge at the top?

My candidate for the unluckiest board of the day. it came at Honors --yes, supposedly one of the strongest duplicate games in the country.

Judi Radin held a 1-1-6-5 12-count with two singletons in the majors QJ10xxx and AKQxx

She declared 3NT on the unopposed auction 1-2-2-3NT.

After a lowish spade lead dummy put down a somewhat surprising 17-count (AKQx/KJxxx/Kx/Jx).

The spade ace won the first trick and declarer played the K, holding, then a second diamond to the queen and ace. Back came a spade, so she claimed +690.

The board was played 12 times, so with top 11 Judi scored 3MP; I'm sure you can all work out why.





Hearts were 7-0 offside so despite the fact that my partner signalled for hearts, I could not oblige. As she remartked ' A good partner would have found a heart'.

Five pairs bid the two-ace slam and all made it, no matter which way up they played it.



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