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Currently, there are three posts/threads on BW discussing bridge publications - 101 to read before you die, all time top 10, and suggestions for a club library.

One of the few books that I haven’t given away is:

BRIDGE: A Guide to the Literature by William Sachen (1984)

Unique, according to Alan Truscott, in that there had never been a serious bibliography, apart from one limited to British publications. (Sadly, I’m rather sure there has never been once sense and probably unlikely that another will ever come to pass.)  The hard-cover book consists of 171 small sized pages, with all entries appropriately cross-tabbed.

The author selected 605 entries, perhaps 1/10th of those written in English.

Here, as a sample, is the very first:

"1. Abrahams, Gerald. Brains in Bridge. London: Constable,    1962. 153p.; New York: Horizon, 1964. 262p. (I) (intermediate)

The thought processes of the bridge player in both bidding and play are discussed with illustrative hands. Although the advice is sound and most of the hands are interesting, the style is rather heavy and the organization rather poor and rambling. Since there are frequent comparisons between the thought processes at bridge and chess, the book will hold the most interest for those who play both games."

I see where a slightly used copy at TBW is available:

(Bill and his wife Mimi ran a bridge club in their modest home in Waukegan, IL. The games were on the first floor, table tennis, etc were in the downstairs rec room. I had the pleasure of seeing his entire collection of some 5000 bridge books upstairs in the early eighties, probably the largest private collection at that time.)

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