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bridge cartoons and caricature

Those who enjoy cartoons in non-bridge magazines may like to look at some of these:

from the British magazine "Punch"

(a few of them are non-card games)

Punch was published between 1841 and 2002. Wiki says: Historically, it was most influential in the 1840s and 1850s, when it helped to coin the term "cartoon" in its modern sense as a humorous illustration.

The Culbertson challenge matches resulted in a few long-ish strips:

It is quite unusual to have a private individual commission a caricature.  Alan Rickayzen produced one just recently. He managed this via crowdfunding project. More about the story here:

full image here

I'd be interested to hear of other commissioned works.  Maybe you have a favourite cartoon or perhaps something that also includes satire?

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