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Bridge library for sale

Because of ill health, I am forced to sell my large bridge library, one of the largest in Canada.

It includes a complete set of World Championship books 1954-2018, the Bridge World complete in BW binders from the early 50's to now, and many rare books from "The Fishbein convention" and  "You Can play Bridge" (Timanoff) to "The four-leafed Club", and over 400 other books, plus many periodicals, all painstakingly collated in binders.

The catch is that there is no cherry-picking, the buyer must buy the complete library. I am asking $2,500 plus shipping, which is far less than its actual value.


This offer will appeal to one of three potential buyer types:


1. A serious collector who is willing to accept the fact there will be duplication with his present collection, for the sake of adding some rare items.

2. A bridge club that wishes to put an extensive library at the disposal of their customers

3. An entrepreneur who is interested in re-selling the various items for their actual value and can realize a handsome profit.


Anybody seriously interested can email me at allansimon (at) I will reply with a complete list of all items, including their condition, and some photos.

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