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My tv cable company carries some odd channels. One of them, Buzzer, is dedicated to game show reruns and, it appears, is even more dedicated to getting the cheapest programming it can find. As a result, they show very old black-and-white shows from the 1950's and 1960's, such as What's My Line, I've Got A Secret and To Tell The Truth.

For those of you here too young to remember the format of To tell The Truth (are there any?), a panel of four celebrities ask questions to try to ascertain which of three people is the real person whose affidavit is read out loud.

So, late last night, while looking for an excuse not to go to bed, I put Buzzer on. They were showing To Tell The Truth, and the final contestant was Bill Root, the noted bridge player of the fifties (and sixties, and seventies, etc etc), who had recently been appointed as "Game Authority" by the Association of American Playing Card Manufacturers (whatever that is, or was). The audience laughed as the contestants were revealed, as Root, who was 6'10", was flanked by the two impostors, who each stood about five feet tall.

The episode, first aired on 11/6/61, is available on YouTube. Spoiler alert: all four celebrities had no trouble picking out the real Bill Root.

It appears that at least one of the Producers of To Tell The Truth was a bridge player, because on 6/17/63 they had another contestant, Diane Barton, who, at the time was the youngest acbl life master ever. That episode is also available on YouTube.

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