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So . . . I have been threatening to write a book of bridge quips for a while now.  Here are some of my favorites.  Feel free to add your own. Warning, I might steal them. Or more likely, someone whose name more impresses a publisher may beat me to it.

I don't care. I only want the pithy bridge wisdom to be shared. In a memorable manner.

1. Only overbid your hand once during any given auction. (A friend of mine even calls this the "Perkins Principle")

2. Lead your partner's suit. You will never lose the post mortem.

3. On the topic of post mortems: Always make the play that works out best in the post mortem.

4. Look for a partner that is as alert to their own mistakes as they are to yours.

5. In the beginning, you are aiming for better than random. Some people never get that far.

6. If you are going to make a mistake, or especially a big mistake, make sure you know why.

7. Don't sacrifice with a balanced hand. (not even a little funny, but useful)


Carry on . . . 

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