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Bridge Solver for Windows (Double Dummy Solver)

I have just released a freeware Windows desktop version of my android app Bridge Solver. This was a relatively straightforward port as the app is written in java, javascript, and C++. It can be downloaded from my Bridge Solver website at The application should run on any version of Windows later than XP (i.e. Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8). XP is not supported because the application has dependencies on java 1.8 which is not officially supported on the XP platform. The hardware requirements are low and it will run on a low cost (under 100 UK pounds) Windows 8 tablet - for example, I have installed and run it on a Linx 8" tablet which has 1 GB RAM and an Intel Atom processor

The feature set is identical to the android version. As far as I am aware it is the only double dummy solver for Windows that has the ability to browse to a results website and acquire deals directly from hand diagrams on the web page. It can also read pbn, dlm, and lin files.

John Goacher

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