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Bridge the way it SHOULD be played.

  It was my pleasure this afternoon to kibitz a 20-board match featuring Jimmy Cayne

and Alan Sontag as partners, with reasonably good players in the other six seats.


   In particular, I was impressed with the pace of play of Sontag, who never took more

than five seconds for any bid or play; and never made a single error in the 20 boards.

As a result, the 20 boards were completed in less than two hours at the JEC table,

with the other table perhaps 15 minutes behind.


   I don't know how often (if ever) Jimmy and Alan have played together, or how much

time Alan put in studying the JEC straightforward conservative system. I have never

before kibitzed a single hand of Sontag's, but if this is how he plays, he gets accolades

from me. I have tortured myself watching the excruciatingly slow play of most other

experts playing in the Vanderbilt, Spingold, Reisinger and team trials, superimposed

on complex artificial systems / ageements that even the participants frequently hash up.


   So it was a pleasure for me to witness bridge played at a good pace, using

understandable methods. Now if everyone did this, bridge would be invigorated!

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