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Bridge videos appropriate for youth

Can you list links to bridge videos that you think might be attractive to an audience of high school students?

Here is the context of the request, which might also help define the types of videos which would be most responsive to the request.  I am going to teach bridge to high school students at a boarding school as part of an "intersession enrichment activity".  The bridge activity will be held weekday mornings for about 3 hours over the twelve day period of intersession, which is the period between the end of one term of school and the start of the next term of school.  The faculty representatives are looking for a companion activity to the bridge lessons and play for the afternoons of the bridge activity.  Reading Louis Sachar's Card Turner is being considered for one of the components of the companion activity.  Showing bridge videos would be another.

Because the morning will be spent on bridge lessons, the most appropriate bridge videos would be those with a limited focus on bridge lessons, but rather those that focus on something lighter with a bridge theme.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and input.

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