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Bridge (WC) Streaming by V8Mama on TWITCH!

Hi all - just wanted to publicize a great community of bridge players and supporters convening on Twitch (streaming platform) regularly, hosted by the lovely V8Mama (Vanessa).

V8 streams daily, hosts weekly competitions using BBO, and most notably right now, streams world championship matches with group voice commentary and Twitch chatting for every session. Importantly, for anyone in the completely wrong time zone to catch much action, the streams are posted as videos for viewing the following day, so you can watch the matches as if you'd recorded them (with commentary!).

Here is the link to V8's channel:

Click "videos" for previous recordings. Most of the commentary is about the activity in the match, information about the relevant teams and their systems, and the bridge community in general, but we occasionally dip off into other miscellaneous content and joking around.

Hope to see you there!

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