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Bridge Winners Challenge Match

Sunday September 23rd at 1PM EST: Prahalad Rajkumar,RaghuRajkumar, Rajkumar Rajeswaran, andJohn Adamswill challenge 6 members of the Bridge Winners team (GavinWolpert, SteveWeinstein, JasonFeldman,GregHumphreys, Ari Greenberg, and Eugene Hung) in a24 Board IMP match on BBO. As the grand-prize winner of the 2012Spingold Fantasy Bracket competition, Prahaladhad his choice of several prizes. He elected to take on the Bridge Winners team for a chance to win $500.

This match will be played on BBO with several experts providing typed and voice commentary. The voice commentary will only be in one room, so we recommend that all viewers open up a second browser window to view both tables at once.

Here are the convention cards for both teams

Bridge Winners:

Gavin Wolpert - Steve Weinstein

Jason Feldman - Greg Humphreys

Eugene Hung - Ari Greenberg


Prahalad Rajkumar - John Adams

Raghu Rajkumar - Rajkumar Rajeswaran

Feel free to discuss the hands or ask us any questions about our actions from the match in the comments below.

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