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It was only fairly recently that I became aware that there was a Bridge Winners Partnership Desk. I wonder how many readers may be unaware of this service. (Go to Explore to Forums to Partnership Desk).

I have offered a new posting regarding the upcoming Reno Nationals. However I am perplexed as to how this area is managed. The overwhelming number of postings here are no longer relevant. When one enters this site, requests for Denver events dominate as well as for regionals long since over. Players looking for games as they are traveling still have months old requests active.  This management appears to me to be inconsistent with Bridge Winners otherwise excellent service.

I discussed this briefly at one point with Bridge Winners and was told that once a partnership request has been posted, it remains there forever. This can't be the right thing to do. The objective should be to have this area relevant and current and therefore of value. When these partnerships requests have expired and are no longer desired, the poster should be allowed to delete his request. It is likely that many posters (like me) feel uncomfortable with old, no longer necessary  requests still active when they visit this site.  This would clean up this forum and be of greater use to those visiting the Partnership Desk.

Let's get rid of these old expired requests please - and maybe it's time also to take down your Christmas lights.



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