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Bridge World Standard: Does Anyone Actually Play It?

I'm just curious if anybody actually uses the 2017 Bridge World Standard bidding system, the details of which can be found here:

I know they (in theory) ask the panelists (and readers) of the Master Solver's Club to use this system when bidding, but does anybody actually play it beyond that?  Maybe this is a silly question but I thought it was worth asking because Bridge World is probably the most prestigious bridge periodical out there.

Just wanted to take the pulse of Bridge Winners and see whether anyone plays this system and what they think of it.


Yes, I play the Bridge World Standard system with at least one of my regular partners.
Yes, I play the Bridge World Standard system, but only if a pickup partner asks me to.
No, I never play the Bridge World Standard system but could more or less tell you what it entails.
Not only do I never play the Bridge World Standard system; I couldn’t even tell you what it entails!

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