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I love bridgewinners and feel it has improved my bidding a lot since I joined the site. Thanks.

It does seem that the vast majority of the content is geared to bidding polls. (the rest mainly ethics as everyone loves to debate dramas). Aside from the amazing Kit's corner there is little to help declarer play or defence or opening leads. Perhaps this is because this area of the game is almost solved to world class players whereas bidding theory is always evolving?More likely it is because the bidding polls format works so well, whereas it is laborious to describe and debate going through the play card by card.

Does anyone have any ideas how this site could be as strong on the other areas of the game as it is for bidding?

As so much is bidding poll related I thought a RATINGS SYSTEM could make it even better/more exciting/more interesting/more competitive/more addictive???

Each time you vote in a poll, the % that also chose your bid would be your score and your rating would be a cumulative average of all your scores.

Obviously the majority is not always right and a lot is judgement and style but sure there would be a very strong correlation in the rating that would be produced and your own skill level, especially over a huge number of deals. This way I could for example track the accuracy of my bidding or if my rating improved from 40% to 60% I know at least I am making far fewer terrible decisions.

Taking this a step further, eventually you could weight the results so that the higher rated bidders are given a higher weighting in the poll results and lower rated bidders like myself play less of a part.... maybe this would lead to more authoritative answers to our problems and also give people an incentive to vote as it is quite fun seeing how you are doing as time goes on.

I know the system is not perfect. e.g Heitzman is obviously a whizzbut may have a lower % rating than a weaker player than him because he makes more off-centre decisions. Also players may only choose to vote on problems they are very confident on and not in tougher polls although that would defeat the point.

Maybe I just want to punish myself for making a 2% pass today in a poll where one answer had 90% votes!

Perhaps eventually people could post play problems on here where you actually get to play them out on the site, like in the format against Bridgemaster but with GIB or equivalent defending, or declaring when you are defending. Your result again could be compared to the field and you receive a % score. Of course you may get lucky and a bad line will result in a top but over time the best declarers will have the highest % and you can follow the line they took in review, just as you can see how they voted in the polls.

Whilst this would all be open to ratings manipulation, eventually you could track how each department of your game is doing and you would have an overall rating and we would soon see who is the greatest of them all. (people can vote or try a play problem unrrated if they prefer). I used to play backgammon on and an ELO system was what made the site great. Bridgewinners could do the same and we could say goodbye to masterpoints forever.

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