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BridgeMates Showing Percentages

At the club level BridgeMates or similar machines are often used to record the results of each hand at each table. Unfortunately, at our local clubs, the percentage of the matchpoint result achieved is shown after each hand to whoever wants to look at the BridgeMate. Of course, this changes the contest into more of a barometer pairs, i.e., players can gauge how much they need to "shoot" on the last few rounds. I strongly object to this policy. I am much more comfortable playing in a game where the result percentage is NOT shown after each hand is posted by North. But I'm told by the director that most of the players would howl and scream if that feature were removed from the BridgeMates. Of course, the result percentage is not shown at sectionals and regionals. But, eerily, at the World Championship in Philadelphia, they WERE. When I objected to the Italian official he summarily dismissed me and said the United States is the only country where these instant results are not shown. I told him I doubted it, but it didn't influence the continued use of the WBF policy of showing the percentage after each hand was played. The question is: do you want the percentages to be shown, or not? Does it make a difference if it's a club game, a sectional or regional tournament or a world championship?

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